Why I Gave Up On My School District

This is likely a post that only I will ever read. In fact, I am writing it more for myself than for anyone else.

I live in Delaware County, a suburb located a short distance from Philadelphia. My local school district, which I will refrain from naming, was one with which I had much contact in various ways. My two (now) adult children went through the entire system, from K through 12. I worked there for several years after I left the School District of Philadelphia.

When I resigned from my job at my local school district a couple years ago, it was out of complete and utter disgust. The principal of the high school was basically a eunuch devoid of passion and lacking the willingness to confront waste, injustice, and incompetence. His unsuitability for the principal’s job was well-known among quite a few people both within the district and the community. Eventually, he was “kicked upstairs” to a higher paying job in this district’s administration. To paraphrase a Hemingway title, “The SCUM Also Rises.” He remains in that position to this day.

(To Be Continued)



You’re a BUMMER, man!

Nobody talks like that anymore. But you get the drift.

“Are you just going to bitch and moan in these posts of yours, man? ‘Cause that would just be way LAME, dude, you know?”

Short answer — Nah!

Sure, there will be bitching and moaning. But there will also be – I hope – humor, cool recollections, and stuff that I haven’t even thought of yet. There is pretty much no limit to what I can post here. Well, except for death threats and inquiries about buying and/or selling¬†drugs. But those things aren’t my style anyway.

There will be some political stuff. Some of it will be nasty, though I will try to keep the nastiness to a minimum, even when I am discussing the views of people like Rick Santorum and Christine Flowers.

There will be music and movie reviews on occasion. And links to some cool stuff.

I will be having fun, even if no one else is.