Why I Gave Up On My School District

This is likely a post that only I will ever read. In fact, I am writing it more for myself than for anyone else.

I live in Delaware County, a suburb located a short distance from Philadelphia. My local school district, which I will refrain from naming, was one with which I had much contact in various ways. My two (now) adult children went through the entire system, from K through 12. I worked there for several years after I left the School District of Philadelphia.

When I resigned from my job at my local school district a couple years ago, it was out of complete and utter disgust. The principal of the high school was basically a eunuch devoid of passion and lacking the willingness to confront waste, injustice, and incompetence. His unsuitability for the principal’s job was well-known among quite a few people both within the district and the community. Eventually, he was “kicked upstairs” to a higher paying job in this district’s administration. To paraphrase a Hemingway title, “The SCUM Also Rises.” He remains in that position to this day.

(To Be Continued)