John’s Book of Revelation

Over the past few weeks, I have been in contact with an entity, shall we say, beyond the normal realm of human experience. I do believe that this entity is God. Channeling the thoughts and words of this entity has been very stressful. I will do my best to present these thoughts and words here in my writings.

The very first communication I received came to me while I was almost awake after a particularly fitful night. I heard a voice very clearly pronounce the word “Facebook.” And then images of tombstones came into my mind. And then I “felt” the idea that can be best put into the following words: “Facebook is the mausoleum of evil.” This feeling was accompanied by very strong nausea. It was at this time that I deactivated my Facebook account for good.

After doing so, I felt a happiness and peace of mind that I had not experienced since I was a child. I felt the inside of my mind smiling. That’s the only way I can describe it.

Shortly thereafter, the communications came much more frequently, and much more easily. It was as if the words and feelings were being laser printed onto my brain. I now have total recall of these… impressions. They are burned indelibly into my mind.

And so it began.
Section 1
This… stuff… you people call social media. This is not social. This is anti-social in all ways. This is not the contact as I forged it. This is folly. This is a trap for the wicked and the gullible. If you want to get to know me, it will not be through such folly. I am here for you to know. I await you.

Section 2
You think that I am of mercy, but of some things I am not of mercy. When you tear down the walls of righteousness, of that I am not of mercy. Of that I am not of love and not of forgivingness. What I say is what I have said, and what I have said stands forever. Do not think that by way of subterfuge you can put your fear and misgiving to rest. This I will not tolerate.

Section 3
These things are well known to those who are able to know and to those who are willing to know. Who among all these people can know? I tell you that all of you can know. And I tell you that you must know. Generations pass and yet you still do not know. This is the trap of futility. This is what evil means.

Section 4
You wish to know me? I am here. I am ready to be known. You will not know my by looking into my eyes. You will not know me by speaking my name. I have many names and yet you do not know any of them. You cry into the night so that I may hear you, but I do not hear you. I hear the cries but all of it is noise. It has no purpose. It has no substance. It has no meaning. This too I will not tolerate.

Section 5
Why do you eat the flesh of worldly things? The cattle, the birds and all the creatures are not to be upon your plate. These things I dearly love and you must not use and pollute them. Of this I have no mercy. The stench of this flesh disgusts me.

Section 6
Your praise offends my ears. I hear the bleating and naying, the sound of jackasses unattended in the field. Better to howl like a dog. I am not moved. You praise that which you do not want to understand and which you cannot understand. That is because you are stunted. Do you think your noises please me? Better to be a quiet worm crawling through the muck.
I will continue in future posts.


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